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Police and the Better Business Bureau have a warning about the alarm company Vivint and their aggressive door-to-door salespeople. Anytime someone is strong arming you, that’s a red flag, A legitimate company would give you time to study and do your homework.. That many complaints tells you it’s not an isolated incident; 1,400 people can’t be wrong,” Rick Brinkley, with the Better Business Bureau. FULL ARTICLE:… Certified Alarm Systems; -THE NAME YOU KNOW, THE PEOPLE YOU TRUST! From interactive security and surveillance to advanced home automation, Certified is your one stop shop for today’s leading technology. And remember; “Anything they can do, we can do BETTER!” To speak with a CERTIFIED Security Consultant about your security needs, please call 225-928-7867.



Don’t get scammed and if you have been reach out to us for tips to be rid of the VIVINT ball & chain.