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ABC’s Vivint Report (Good Morning America)

Published on May 14, 2015

ABC’s Good Morning America’s Report on Utah-based Home Security Company, Vivint.
Jim Calhoun Jimmy
jerks show up trying to sandbag Vivint, no appointment nor discussion about the consumers, lame ABC. gotta get those ratings though. Vivint did cancel the contracts.


Frank Ah Sue
Why don’t you do a story about the Clinton’s and President Obama lying about Benghazi, private email server, the Clinton foundation, the IRS losing their emails, the FBI and Attorney General lying for the Clintons. the list goes on and on yet the media is still silent.
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The Ohio Press
Vivint is the worst company in America. Period.
Paul Daw
Vivint told me I would get a call 1 to 2 days before appointment to make sure I was available did not happen to my knowledge shows up unannounced and could of charged me for it. Vivint back peddled told me its my fault because I agreed a month before. I was able to get out of my forced verbal contract but kept my payments.


Logan McLean
Do these people know what a contract is?.. If you sign a contract that means you’re locked in a CONTRACT. You can’t cancel a contract 😂


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Ronald Allen
GOOD Reporting


Judson Montemagno
I would like to see that reporter do a real story about something that actually matters. This is such a non important story Brian Ross is a hack as is the rest of them at abc.


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I’m having a lot of issues with their intrenet.